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i'm lesli foster. to leesburg, virginia where police are investigating what they call a suspicious death. they are trying to determine whether a young man was mauled to death by dogs. they found the 20-year-old man's body inside a home along the 100 block of plaza street. they also found two pit bulls in the home. lindsey mastis is live on the scene. do we know the victim's yet? >> reporter: no. we do know officers were called to this street around 2:00 by family. they wanted them to check on this 20-year-old man. that's when they wanted to do a check and they found his body. joining me is chris jones with the police department. can you tell me how the dogs were involved? >> it appears they were in the residence. it appears there was a connection whether they were owned by the victim or the victim's family. they were inside the house when we made the discovery? >> reporter: where are they
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now? >> seized at loudoun county animal. >> reporter: we're told there's two large pit bulls that might have been involved in the attack. there were two other dogs. >> that's correct. a smaller breed dog was found deceased in the house. another dog was found alive in a cajun harmed -- in a cajun harmed -- uncaged, unharmed. >> reporter: there was a man arrested here near the scene. police say it was a friend of the victim overcome with grief, just lashing out. we'll have more updates as they become available. for now, live in leesburg, lindsey mastis, wusa9 news. dc has cancelled all act lettic activities because of the heat advisory. how long will this steamy
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weather hang around? topper is out on the terrace? >> the heat advisory will expire at 8:00 tonight, as long as we don't expire along with it. we'll be in good shape going into tuesday and wednesday. you don't want to exercise esight even if the n su down. nighttime is not the time to ex erciev ev when 'sisth hot. daofy ite ttest day of ye y. nutl cumbland, 82. they've had clouds andcuhowe s st yoife the weu . ar if you are gog intsidoue toin exercise isth is er w e th g, is is what fes elfes like like 10dn felis ke wntown. it feels like 105 in quantico. that's not to be messed with. do not exercise at night. when it's hot you want to eat light meals, wear light clothing, exercise in the morning and drink a lot of
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water. record high today? 98 at national. we hit 97. record high at dulles is 96. i think that will probably go as a w core rd there at 97. for tonight, partly cloudy, muggy. a few storms possible. low temperatures holding in the 70s we'll come back, show you where the storms are and tell you where the relief will move in for now. >> thank you, topper. gary is out on the national mall with a look at how people are coping with the heat. hey, gar. >> reporter: how are they coping lesli? any way they can. this public pool run by the department of parks and recreation, dpr. >> each year i will be extending full hours from 9:00 and 11:00 at 13 different locations. >> reporter: this is what we saw after the interview. in silver springs, kids found another way to hit the water. monica carter brought four kids here. >> it's fun for the children.
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i don't have a problem with sitting out here watching. >> reporter: what about you? >> it's okay for me. i'm panting a little bit. >> reporter: little kids jumped in whole heartedly. one was a little cautious. >> you take a bath, you take a shower, you stay inside. >> drink a lot of water. >> reporter: you know how there's one in every crowd. meet heidi kirshoff. i actually came outside to get warm. it's so freezing with the air conditioning. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so this is okay with you? >> yes. i love the hot. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so heidi's happy. good luck to everybody else. lesli? >> all right, gary. go cool off. for a list of cooling centers in your area, go to our website, click on the heat story on our home page. we've got an update on problems that continue to plague metro. metro says it did tell the national transportation safety board about a march incident in which a train overran a
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platform. this happened after the automatic train control system malfunctioned at the potomac avenue station "the washington post" reported that the ntsb did not find out until last week. but today the national transportation safety board confirmed that investigators were told promptbly after the june collision between two trains. >> our records indicate that an employee notified the ntsb on june 23rd, the day after the accident. >> metro says because the incident in june happened at low speed, this was not a close call as reported. the train operator prevented a collision by hitting the emergency stop button. this accident has led metro to order a a worker ddn. a worker s s ki lldebikill bid gravel thy sast mo a
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theyy sasttysaan d focus onfes maintenance issues on cold for now. fairfax county arrested the springfield man for having sex with a 14-year-old girl he's 23- year-old stephon kamou. police say the 14-year-old girl is from montgomery county. they say she and the man met online and arranged to meet at his house. now investigators are trying to find out whether the man had improper contact with other children. turning to state politics. new numbers from public policy polling are out in virginia's governor's race. they show bob mcdonald leading 51-37%, with 12% undecided but today the opponent made a move some saw risky, some found smart. >> well, i can tell you that he
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held a newscast about abortion. he said it's not a priority in his campaign but it's his obligation to draw a distinction between himself and his opponent.. >> i trust women to make these choices. i'm not afraid to say so. >> if a man has opportunity to choose what goes on in their body -- >> every year we go to richmond and we fight anywhere between 15 and 30 anti-choice bills. and i don't think that people understand that birth control is one of the main topic. >> reporter: deeds says his opponent has tried to restrict abortion rights. but emphasizing that restriction and what's been a republican-leading state could be a gamble. >> i don't know it's a bold step. i'm not the one that spent my legislative career on fighting to restrict a woman's right to
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choose. the campaign for mcdonald in southern virginia today said deeds is trying to reenergize his base because his opponent is ahead. >> there are a lot of areas we can find common ground. >> reporter: it's rare to see a candidate have a news conference to talk about such a divisive issue. neither governor tim kaine nor mark warner did it and they usually avoided this topic during the campaign unless asked about it. >> any decision you make in politics is risky. it can turn on you. this can turn on him as well. i think it's a smart move. risky or smart. we, see what the next poll numbers do. the final numbers that count in november, i'm peggy fox reporting live. back to you. we know it's coming but will we be ready.
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researchers began clinical trials at the university of maryland school medicine today on a new vaccine for the h1n1 flu. what we used to call the swine flu. experts hope to crank out millions of doses by october 15th. right now volunteers are helping to determine if you will need one dose or two. but researchers are all but certain it's safe. >> there have been billions of doses given out to prevent seasonal flu. these vaccines are made using the identical manufacturing process. >> researchers say in a month or so, load tests will determine if one dose is enough to get the volunteers to build up enough antibodies to resist the flu. now, president obama and his counter -- counter parents from canada and mexico pledged to work together to brick about better economic times and climate change. >> we're among each other's largest trading partners as we work together toward lasting prosperity, we need to expand
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that trade, not restrict. the nations like canada and mexico will take the lead in emissions. >> the president could not escape the big health care debate back home. he predicted that congress will pass his health care overhaul after the summer break. to iraq where a string of woman bombings killed 48 people today. 25 of those victims were held when explosives held off in a smallsat shiite village. no one has claimed responsibility to that attack. to the front lines of afghanistan. this is a u.s. helicopter attack team saturdaying insures setting off a roadside -- targeting tin surgeons. the attack team took the people out.
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the wscc has a huge construction project in the work. next ound t if your neighborhood will be caught in it. if you are planning on cashing in on your clunker we'll tell you how to get the of your deal. those stories are coming up in 60 seconds.
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before you try trine cl urr,ketrunesadin your clunker, these tips will help s bump bumps the the ad yssayssau u yo should check ig al er. wayoyou tont the dealer. you want to h yoit your cyou outright it outrightto th to the showroom. owgo there, negot first, tell them abt outhe clunker trade-in last. watch out about ads online selling cars for cheap. they claim you can trade that car and trade it up through the cash for chunkers program. that's not true. you have to own that clunker
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for at least a year to participate. the rumble of construction is coming to a hand full of suburban oods in maryland. tisae tani patadertment is de ing in a huge pe pu tcrest will stretch from the mormon temple in kensington to rockville. you can expect the noise near the connecticut avenue entrance ramp to the beltway and beach drive and stony drive and tucker lane in rockville. the construction starts in november. ahead, could all those heated town hall gs staged? hearhat some sators haveo y about that -- up next.
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(announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control. right now divers are trying to recover the two remaining victims among the nine killed in a mid-air crash killed in the hudson recovery. seven bodies have been recovered. one teenaged person in the plane and all six aboard the helicopter. today, the mayor of new york city offered condolences to the
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italian ambassador. the italian ambassador said a lot of his people visit new york city every year and he owed it to the countrymen to get to the bottom of this. >> i talked to one of the victim's family, she said, please, find out about this tragedy. >> today, debbie hersman from the national transportation safety board declined to comment about the crash but said the investigation is expected to take months. the man involved in the shooting in the pennsylvania health club was already on the police radar. he was searched and let go by police a week before the shooting. he was questioned about a grenade on a bus. but the witness could not identify sodini about the gun.
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the senate's second-raging democrat is slamming recent town hall protests over health care. dick durbin of illinois says the meetings like this one in austin, texas have been orchestrated and violate the process. but the colleagues is breaking with the rank and file. it was a huge mistake to suggest that anyone opposed to the health care plan is manufactured. it's not manufactured now. i think both sides are organizing. i want everybody to take a deep break and realize that -- i mean, this horse is not out of the barn around heading to the finish. >> she's using town hall forums to educate her constituents and put rumors to rest about the plan. hbo airs the documentary of marion barry tonight. often ls it the most bala his
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controversial career. our bruce johnson makes several appearances in tonight's documentary and today he caught up with barry who said he accepts sole responsibility for not paying his taxes and that's it. he blames federal prosecutors and the fbi at the vista hotel for smoking crack. >> the fact is they spent $25 to $40 million to set me up. that's a fact. >> reporter: what would have happened if you put your hat and coat on and left the hotel that day? >> they would have found a way to do it. i take one responsibility -- that's for my taxes. i'm to blame solely for that. >> critics seem to agree that one of the highlights of the documentary is the interview with barry's former wife, the late effie barry. you're back! >> back. >> and sick. so i'm moving over a little bit. i don't want what you have. >> do i look better than i
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sound? >> okay. [ laughter ] >> that was pulling teeth. all right. 97, a record at dulles but not at national. the next three days, temperatures go down. we're in the right direction. low 90s tomorrow. elbow bump here. >> i think you will be fine. >> 86 tomorrow. 86 op wednesday, rather. a couple of storms and then 87. we'll keep it dry on thursday with no storms. temperaturewise we're going in the right direction after the 97 today. no doubt about that. the heat advisory, goes until 8:00. the heat index will be between 100 and 105. don't exercise when it's this hot. if you are a sensitive group, the elderly, or those with asthma, you need to stay indoors with the doors closed. if you are a jogger, don't jog at night. winds northwest at about 10 miles an hour. there are some storms out to the west. we'll keep you posted on that. right now, nothing east of i-81
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except for one storm. these are temperatures now. not heat index, 91 in vienna. 91 in dumfries. 92 in leonard town and even out to the west, it's 88 in winchester and 88234 woodstock. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. rewarm. 70s and 80s to start. by the afternoon, not as bad. a few storms. a better chance of storms tomorrow. high temperatures in the low 90s an winds nearly at about 0. satellite picture -- at about 10. satellite picture, these systems will roll through and approach the northeast. there is a it severe thunderstorm watch to the maryland/pa border. some of these storms could creep in here tonight. if you want to walk the dog right now, don't walk him far. next seven day, 92 tomorrow,
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isolate the storm. 86 on wednesday, a few storms. dry thursday and friday. temperaturewise, a bargain. upper 80s. weekend, temperaturewise a bargain. pretty good chance of a few storms saturday and sunday. not a wash out. and then next monday, sunshine, back up to 90 degrees. which will seem like dreamy today. >> all right. we're getting a little concerned brett -- >> about the injuries. here's my concern -- on thursday jason campbell is gonna play. if none of the guys are gonna protect him, i'm wondering what's gonna happen to him. we're worried. they say not to. a wild wreck at nascar. >> a fridge is hardly a wreck. we'll get into that. my husband and i, we love to go to steakhouses
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well, as december rolls around, and if the redskins are 1 1-2 and we'll look back at these injuries and laugh. but if not, it will be hard not to blame it on the offense not
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getting done in camp. half of the starters were hurt. the story is who is not practicing. santana moss still has not worked out in full since hurting his hammy last thursday, another did devin thomas, randy thomas, continues to struggle with a knee. and with the preseason opener three days away, concern is growing about a lack of reps. >> we go through nips, hits, bruises, that's the life. that's the life of the game. when it's time to play, we are all together. we just battle. we let you guys keep on criticizing. that's what we feed off. >> devin thomas, ignoring the heat and doing his best to get back in the game. he's expected to be a starter but has not worked out since last week with the injured hamstring.
6:27 pm
despite being a top four other all defense last year, the skins ranked 28th in takeaways, just 13 picks and just five forced fumbles all of last year. the guys talked about getting more aggressive in appropriating the rock. >> we have the pressure on the quarterback to get him scrambled around and the linebacker can get around. >> i think we got the right guys now. >> self -- is he blaming the line? is that what smoot was doing? for more, go to the special training camp section of our website the terps were set to open up their season but it was too hot. when they take over, it will be under the leader of chris
6:28 pm
turner. he led them to a bowl last year and eight wins. for the first time in a while, august features no quarterback controversial in the park. >> everything is gonna revolve around chris. we go as far as he does. not just on offense. >> to go into the ball camp and the start he, the first time i ever had that. i want to -- i want to have good memories. upstate new york today, the rain delayed nascar race and that will cover the deductible. jeff gordon and sam hornish, one of the hardist wrecks of the year. he ricochets right into gordon. they are both okay. the road course win, tony stewart. the nationals have the longest active win streak in all of major league baseball. i know you've been out a while but they wrapped up their
6:29 pm
streak with the diamondbacks posting their eighth straight win. that's the longest since they strung together since 2005. they are off and open a 16 roady in atlanta. finally, this was nifty. watch the punter here. look at him go, behind the back, to himself on the fake. everyone bites and he's gone >> there he is. >> there he is. >> that's a nifty play when you go behind the back and keep it. to me, the first game of the preen, what was the point of -- preseason, what was the point of blowing that? >> what you got top? a couple of thunderstorms west of town tonight. we're in good shape. not as hot today. about 97 tomorrow. that's it for 9news. the cbs evening news

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